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To resume what I am and what I do in a simple description, I am a Freelance Illustrator/Cover artist, Concept Designer & Photographer specialized into Occult Erotic Horror, Unspeakable creatures, Insane Fantastic arts, Dark Fantasy and more Horrific themes from the Gothic shadows of madness to the bloody Gore representations of the human flesh…

I am currently well known for my monthly featured art in Hustler magazine, and for my work since 7 years in The adult Industry and Erotic Art in general….

But its not the real me…….

ts time for big changes in the Ariock’s Studio….. new steps new products and new possibilities….
After behind featured in the erotic art community and worked for the adult industry for many years, I have decided that the time to paint what I really am has come.
So its a new beginning in my career, I return to my first love, gorgeous girls, unholy creatures and Occult symbolism… so

First of all a new signature…. you will not found my “Ariock hand-signature” on my paintings anymore but only on “not a personal creation” artworks… because I am not representing myself but what inside me, from now on you will find a pentacle representing the attributes of Ariock, what he’s made of… combined into a hermetic sygil…. created in the respect of the occult tradition…..

and From now on I will only accept new clients for Horror/dark based art commissions… ex: Horror heroic fantasy, horror erotica, monsters and pinups in dark and tortured atmospheres, Unholy abominations…etc

So after the purgatory I am back to hell, in my home sweet home of abysmal terrors and forbidden sensualities, ready to produce my real art to Be able to be what I am born for….. produce my dark art, guts blood, unspeakable horror, flows of dark pleasures merged in my visions of sensual terrors…

Ariock personal creations under development:
-Cursed Deluxe Paintings edition.
-Illustrated Occult Encyclopedia of the Unholy creatures…
-Necro Artefacts: the jewellery and ritual tools..
-The Skin of Nigtmares: Clothes collection

So you know what to expect from me now...

http://ariock.com/unholy WARNING: Sexually Explicit Content.
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Profile Link: http://www.EroticArtists.org/Ariock

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