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David Lawrence
My second book reBOUND, Shibari Style Impressions will be launched in May, 2011. You can secure your copy on my website at http://www.shibariartphotography.com/reBOUND.html.

I have been a professional photographer for almost 30 years. My Shibari Project began in November, 2003 after shooting my first rope series. The series was so well accepted that people began contacting me to be bound and photographed. It took me a while to become comfortable with my rope work but my determination to perfect my artistic eye with rope and lens won out. I was proud to have my first book "BOUND Shibari Style Impressions" published in June, 2005 by Jurgen Boedt, Secret Magazine. Images from the book can be seen on my website. The images that will be posted here are part of the second phase of my project. I appreciate all the support from my fellow photographers and riggers as well as the people out there that like my work.


Profile Link: http://www.EroticArtists.org/DavidLawrence

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