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Make love, not war

Make love, not war

Posted by Jesus Torrealba on 7/9/2007
In the begining, the pinups was made under a war spirit, i think that in XXI century the pinups can inspirates peace feelings. Make love, not war

Make love not war - detail.
300 x 360 px  (32 KB)
Make love Not war
2007 - pencil on paper sized letter
450 x 582 px  (72 KB)

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Jesus Torrealba
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  • AR.T
    It takes courage
    AR.T: ...to say " make Love , not War" in some places in this world. People may not think erotic art has a place in everyday political thoughts. And maybe it is not the most popular venue for it, but just mentioning Peace and Love within artwork is muy importante.
    I say bravo to you for renouncing the idea of mindless war praising.
    Erotic Peace
    8/8/2007 11:46 AM
  • Jesus Torrealba
    Reply to Thorn
    Jesus Torrealba: I think that a sexy girl, a naked woman catches the attention of people, then, I wish to take advantage of that image to write a valuable message. Sex has been always used to sell, then we sell something good for the world. Thanks for your commentary
    8/8/2007 7:51 PM

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