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Kimberly Wilder's Gallery

Sweet Discipline
Mistress Helga has trained her Sissy's well and loves to display how disciplined they behave
610 x 800 px  (94 KB)
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The Sisters Von Karman
The Sisters Von Karman have just purchased a new slave chamber maid and to their surprise is hung like a little Pony
524 x 800 px  (72 KB)
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Rex's Play Thing
Madam does wonder who is being spoiled the most by allowing this daily activity, Her Dog Rex, or Her Sissy maid Suzette!
481 x 800 px  (57 KB)
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The French Train
Madam De Luge showes off her ward's charms to delight of a beautiful passenger. Darling show the nice Lady waht a big girl you are.
394 x 480 px  (52 KB)
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The Mistress's Bugatti
You will like the castle and Mistress will simply adore you!
660 x 800 px  (87 KB)
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Hello Georgette
Violette meet Georgette she will show you to your new room
514 x 800 px  (76 KB)
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First Meeting
Violette meet Countess De Luge, Countess this is Violette the girl I told you about, Hmmm, yes I see, Hmmm
581 x 800 px  (70 KB)
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True Lust
Oh Madam please, you are no longer my guest, you are my cock slave and butt slave as well, oh please Madam
404 x 800 px  (53 KB)
I Will Be Jentle
I will be jentle this time darling, I promise, now dry your eyes and bend over and grab ankels like a good sissy.
593 x 1024 px  (682 KB)
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