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My Scat, Bestiality and Interracial Cuckold Art
This gallery is for all of my horribly perverted art that's inspired by the stories I've written over the years...

Succuba Feeds Her Human Toilet Nun
Succuba is a demoness who keeps a harem of perverted nuns for her personal pleasure.
814 x 1024 px  (294 KB)
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Succuba, the horse-dicked demoness
753 x 1024 px  (769 KB)
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Justine Eats Shit Straight From the Intestines
Justine shoves her 12 inch tongue up Tessa's ass and Tessa shits right down the girl's tongue into her gut!
633 x 1024 px  (624 KB)
Hubby Cleans Wife's Shit Off Black Lover's Cock
Cuckolded husband Greg drinks piss from his wife Mishi's black lover's shit-stained cock.
480 x 500 px  (195 KB)
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Tessa Nova
Alien dominatrix, can grow a penis on demand. Cold and ruthless, keeps a human girl, Justine, as a toilet.
395 x 1024 px  (469 KB)
Justine Eat's Tessa's Shit
Another feeding session for Justine.
480 x 510 px  (174 KB)
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