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Her Most Intimate Moments

Her Most Intimate Moments

Posted by Daveed on 7/11/2018
Being pleasured in various ways...with more photos to be added later:)

Naked and ready to play
964 x 1000 px  (468 KB)
Entertaining herself
She enjoys being watched when she masturbates
700 x 417 px  (181 KB)
Doing it the old fashioned way
Her 2nd favorite way to orgasm
1024 x 562 px  (286 KB)
Rear Entry
Allowing her ass to be penetrated
700 x 604 px  (225 KB)
On the verge of Orgasm
Being slow fucked, and kept on the edge
1024 x 542 px  (235 KB)
Her Favorite Way to Orgasm
Being tongue fucked does it best :)
1024 x 537 px  (260 KB)
Over the edge with legs spread:)
800 x 547 px  (203 KB)

 Artist:   Daveed  Contact Artist 
I'm a graphic designer living in Toronto Canada, with a successful career in package and logotype design, though I've always had a love of drawing and painting, especially the female form. My earlier work consisted mainly of Pinup and Glamour using oils and acrylics, but slowly evolved into a love of Fantasy and Erotic Art, and since about 2007 I started creating my own erotic art digitally.

Some of the artists who have inspired me over the years are Robert McGinnis, Patrick Nagel, Steve Hanks, Guan-zeju, Frank Frazetta, Luis Royo, Hajime Sorayama, plus Boris Vallejo and Olivia de Berardinis

Much of my artwork today focuses on Bondage, FemDom and LezDom, and I always try to portray it as consensual and very loving, with both partners receiving equal pleasure. and never being degraded or humiliated. On other websites, my biggest audience and most favorable comments usually come from women, so perhaps I'm successful in what I'm trying to portray?

All my digital paintings are created in PhotoShop, with the figures drawn freehand with the airbrush, then most backgrounds are made up from various manipulated photographs and added later.

I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing my artwork?...David
(aka Daveed)

David Anderson
Toronto, Canada   

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