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Posted by Nora Geist on 9/22/2018
"Pere-version" was shot on the same day as "Saintly Cadavers," and could be taken either as a precluding work to the longer one or as a stand alone vignette.

According to Lacanian psychoanalytic theory, "Pere-version" is a falsification. It is the version of the father figure (e.g. God, boss, capitalist, or in this case the priest) that informs our unconscious behaviours. It is a "pere-version", an imposter which allows us to find enjoyment through our symptom(s).

Desire/Power is illustrated in the priest's growing erection beheld by the viewer from one frame to the next, until the penultimate photo. Here the subject is split in desire as the phallus is laid bare before the possibility of castration: the space between the priest's cleanly shaven anus and genitals is the locus of drive, where both objects (anus & genitals) are displayed to unleash desire in the viewer. Further still, as the priest aims his genitals at the viewer, he simultaneously levels his gaze directly at him/her--illustrating that the viewer's desire is being observed and enjoyed: note the grin on the priest's face.

Desire is at its peak in the penultimate photo: the priest pushes his erection menacingly at the viewer, but his erection and his scrotum are right next to his anus, which itself represents a castrating blade. The corresponding blade of the priest's grinning lips surrounding the phallus of his teeth also beckons, and from a purely photographic perspective are in striking distance from his erection.

These respective body parts are united as the overall backdrop of the Real (the unconscious), represented by the priest's naked/robed body. In the context of the Real, the offscreen razor (the Law, or the Lacanian Symbolic Order) which the priest used to shave his anus and his genitals has rendered them fully visible to the viewer to enjoy.

As desire seeks articulation (although impossible), the subject resorts to the Law, or the Symbolic Order by turning to the inscribed word--in this case symbolised by the Bible. He now sees through the lens clearly (notice the priest now wears spectacles, not sunglasses, enabling the viewer to see his eyes). All is back to normal in the dialectic of demand and desire... Until the women arrive on the scene in the March of the “Saintly Cadavers.”

Let us pray!

Model: Janathan
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Standing before (a) god
614 x 819 px  (41 KB)
In the Light
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Catching sight of the Madonna
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Liturgical dance
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Bowing down before the Lord
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Downward spire
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Model: Janathan
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Word and sacrament
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 Artist:   Nora Geist  Contact Artist 
Nora Geist

I am a medical researcher by day but my passion and hobby is erotic art. I condense the raw sexual passion we humans experience into single snapshots. I designate a variety of "quilting points" in each photo that might be an anus, a tongue, a penis, a vagina and/or interplay among them or numbers of them. My work portrays the intense and overwhelming enjoyment of submitting to sexual desire--especially in the face of cultural and religious mores.

Nora Geist
Milan   IT

  • Didymus
    Didymus: I love this layout and your explanation. I also love this model with an impressive body and beautiful face of an angel...
    9/22/2018 11:16 AM

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