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Nora Geist

My work is erotic iconoclasm. It is unapologetically explicit, perhaps jarring at times, and definitely obsessive. I try to condense the raw sexual passion we humans experience into single snapshots. I designate quilting points in each photo that are composed of an anus, a tongue, an erect penis, a vagina and/or interplay among them or numbers of them. I zoom in and focus on these points so that the viewer is unable to avert his/her gaze from the centres of gravity of each shot. My work portrays the obsessive nature of particular sexual desires by the foisting of genitalia or other sex organs at work onto the viewer to the point that they act as assaulting tentacles that not only reach out, but also pull the viewer in. My art is not meant merely to touch the viewer, but to pull him/her in unexpectedly, to immerse, and overwhelm him/her like quicksand.

Nora Geist
London   UK

Profile Link: http://www.EroticArtists.org/NoraGeist

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Desert Islanders ( Images: 35 )

Saintly Cadavers ( Images: 33 )

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