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A 35 years old passion to discover,experiment and express my obsessions of the female beauty and eroticism.

As I live in Asia, all my models are Asians. They are mostly petite and look younger. I therefore inform the viewer that all my models are over the age of 21!

An open minded shy Swiss artist who appreciates your comments and critics and maybe who will find the interest of a Patron, a Publisher and the Erotic Art Lover.

Learned and formed studying Fine Art, Charcoal, Oil Painting and Restauration at the Accademia Delle Belle Arti di Firenze (Italy).
Idols: "Il Divino" Michelangelo, Giotto and Leonardo Da Vinci.
The infinite privilege and honor of being crucified, humiliated, corrected, criticized, inspired and influenced by "El Gran Maestro" Salvador Dali' during my studies at Museo Galá - Dali' Figueres (Spain) 1973-1975.
(The Museum was opened in 74)

¡Jamas tienes ningún miedo de la perfección, nunca la alcanzarás!
"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it!"

Thank you EroticArtists.org for the privilege to expose some of my works.

Art is never chaste. It ought to be forbidden to ignorant innocents, never allowed into contact with those not sufficiently prepared. Yes, art is dangerous. Where it is chaste, it is not art.

Critic from Art Of Love:

Profile Link: http://www.EroticArtists.org/Somtam

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